On-The-Bike Hydration Sorted

with USWE

The long stages of the Absa Cape Epic make hydration and nutrition a concern for virtually every rider in the field. USWE limit this concern, make it easier to drink and convenient to carry larger quantities of fluids on the bike. This is why you need an USWE hydration pack. 

No Dancing Monkey!

USWE Sports’s patented “No Dancing Monkey”, four-point suspension design, keeps your hydration pack stable regardless of the terrain you are racing over. Developed by the founders as a solution for off-road motorcycle riding in the Swedish countryside, the USWE hydration packs have been thoroughly performance tested in the Untamed. Over the last few editions of the race an increasing number of riders have adopted USWE hydration packs, with a growing number of top elite athletes opting to purchase the packs themselves even, such is the superb functionality.

Drink on the Trails

Fuelling mid-race in mountain bike races has always been a challenge. With the Absa Cape Epic becoming increasingly technical and more fiercely contested too, the opportunities to drink or eat reduced. USWE counters this problem by allowing you to simply reach for a bite valve at the end of a tube, rather than having to reach down to grab a bidon from your bottle cage. Now you can drink on the singletrack!

While the lightest weight UWSE Outlander Pro, which weighs just 260 grams (excluding the bladder), does not feature any chest strap pockets, some riders choose to tape their nutrition to staps for easy access mid-race. It is common to see the teams’ soigneurs passing the elite riders an USWE hydration pack with gels and bars tapped to the straps for convenient refuelling. At the Absa Cape Epic you will be able to make use of the Personal Race Nutrition package and prepare your USWE pack in a similar manner to be collected at the relevant aid station the next day.

Sarah Hill Swears by USWE

“My USWE Outlander Pro hydration pack is my go-to on the days where it is hot and there is a ton of singletrack. To be able to fuel myself consistently while not having to take my hands off the handlebars is a game changer!

Never in my life did I imagine racing full gas downhill while drinking at the same time. Now it's possible!

The 2024 Absa Cape Epic has an abundance of hot, exposed, singletrack. The advantages of having the USWE hydration pack on all stages outweighs the option to ride in a dehydrated state (or risk dropping a bottle). Look after your body, hydrate correctly and get to the finish line!”

Find out More

USWE hydration packs will be available in the Absa Cape Epic’s pop-up merchandise store at Registration, in Lourensford. Training or taking part in a build-up race with an USWE pack is far preferable to using it in the Absa Cape Epic for the first time though. So, rather shop online now and prepare to be well-hydrated throughout the race with USWE!

Visit the USWE website here: www.uswe.com.