The Route is king

Thank you!

Thank You to all our Landowners

The FNB W2W Route is king. It runs along truly unique areas with majestic mountains on one side and the constantly changing ocean on the other, with patches of fynbos, vineyards, orchards, and wheat nestling in between. The route runs through the Cape Floral Kingdom, one of six World Floral Kingdoms, because of the indigenous fynbos in this area. Most of the FNB W2W Route is situated in the Kogelberg Biosphere, a fynbos protected nature reserve with more than 800 different plant species.

The topography of this area also offers a unique climate and soil for quality winemaking, apple and fruit farming, and on the Botriver and Karwyderskraal side, wheat and cattle farming. Our route has access to some of the best wineries and fruit farms in the Western Cape, and for the past 14 years, these landowners and their generosity towards the FNB W2W have made possible one of the best experiences on a mountain bike!

Therefore, a special thanks to all our landowners, to name but a few:

Lourensford for a unique registration experience in their winery.

Vergelegen and Idiom for access to their Game Reserves.

Fruitways farms for linking numerous trails via their dirt roads and trails.

Through the years, we’ve established exceptional trail building and maintenance programmes with Oak Valley, Paul Cluver, Beaumont and Wildekrans Estates. These partnerships created unique trail structures and features which add an exclusive flavour to your MTB experience. 

Dr Cluver was also instrumental in designing and building some of our finest bridges.

Botriver Farm for exclusive access and trusting us with trail building through their wheat fields.

The Hemel-en-Aarde wineries and trail networks on Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russel, Volmoed and Curro School.

We were privileged to be part of crisis and cooperative discussions with these farms after the devastating Heritage Day floods three weeks before the start of the 2023 FNB W2W Switchback. Although most of our landowners suffered huge losses and are in crisis management to repair and replace infrastructure, we sincerely thank them for their time and assistance in rebuilding and rerouting trails to enable us to stage the 2023 FNB W2W MTB events.

Thank you to all our landowners.